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Touchscreen-based Modu 2 coming in 2010 (updated)

Darren Murph

Modu finally came through with an actual product launch late last month, and already the company is preparing for the next best thing. According to a report over at Pocket-lint, a so-called Modu 2 should make its debut in a few corners of the globe next year. The handset will boast full touchscreen functionality and 3.5G connectivity, but in an effort to remain true to form, Modu will sell a QWERTY jacket that adds hard keys for those who just have to have 'em. To date, Modu has managed to move around 1,000 of its original handsets, but even the second one won't soon see shelves in America. Why? According to CEO Dov Moran, the handset "just isn't good enough for demanding Brits and Americans who like to surf the internet and stay connected." Hey, at least the man's honest.

Update: The CEO of Modu pinged us to say that some of the quotes in the source article were incorrect. Here's his comment: "Clearly, our next generation modu 2 which will be touch+ based and will incorporate 3.5G technology will fit the needs of these opertors and we plan and hope to sell these devices throughout the world."

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