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Blizzard retracts posted BlizzCon schedule


EDIT: New schedule is up. You can find it here.

This morning we were greeted with the schedule of BlizzCon panels and everything was nice and comfy. No mention of the next expansion in the panels, but that was to be expected. After all, the class panel was on there and I'm sure Ghostcrawler would love to talk for an hour about what the classes will be like in WoW 4.0.2.

But then this afternoon the schedules disappeared. Suddenly they were giving the Blizzard page not found error. Neth has since appeared and said that "the actual schedule is yet to be posted up."

But we want to be sure that you know what they posted, and at least what the outline of BlizzCon will look like – even though it appears there'll be changes.

Draw your own conclusions about what Cataclysmic event could cause this.

So below are screen grabs of the schedule Blizzard didn't want you to see. We'll update when the new schedule is released.

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BlizzCon 2009 is coming up on August 21st and 22nd! We've got all the latest news and information. At BlizzCon you can play the latest games, meet your guildmates, and ask the developers your questions. Plus, there's some great looking costumes.

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