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FCC document indicates Sony planning 250GB PS3 Slim


When it rains PS3 news, it evidently pours PS3 news (which is better than pouring actual PS3s -- that'd hurt!). A document dug up on the FCC website by PS3News appears to hold proof that Sony is already planning a follow-up -- albeit in capacity only -- to the 120 gigabyte PS3 Slim announced today. Carrying the model number CECH-2001B (as opposed to ending in "A"), the unit is listed as sporting a 250GB hard disk.

The document states that the two consoles (along with two Slim debug unit models) were actually tested by the FCC back in March of this year and seem to have been sneakily submitted by Sony Computer Entertainment America under the guise of a fictitious business (Sand Dollar Enterprise) located at ... SCEA's Foster City, Calif. address. Sort of silly, if you ask us, but hey -- it worked.

[Via Engadget]

Source -- FCC Report [PDF]

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