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Funcom announces Rise of the Godslayer expansion for Age of Conan


With GamesCom has come the announcement of a brand new boxed expansion for Age of Conan -- Rise of the Godslayer. Age of Conan fans rejoice, you have been loved.

Rise of the Godslayer, however, will not be an expansion as your normally understand it. Instead of expanding the game vertically, like so many other MMOs, RotG will be expanding the game horizontally. The level cap of 80 isn't changing, but expect RotG to be adding much more meat to the lower levels of the game's content -- specifically from level 20 (and the end of Tortage) up until 80.

RotG will also be adding Robert E. Howard's vision of the far east -- the Empire of Khitai -- and the brand new race of the Khitan. Khitans will be starting in Tortage, like all of the other slaves, but don't expect to magically appear in the empire once you get done. Khitai will be reserved exclusively for higher level characters, while lower level characters will have to make a great trek across the lands.

For even more scoops than we could fit into this post, head on over to Eurogamer and check out their first impressions of the new expansion. Or, if you love us, you'll jump over the break and check out the first trailer for the new expansion, embedded right in this post!

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