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Gran Turismo 5 will (finally) crush, flip those lovely cars


There have been some big PlayStation-related announcements today: the PS3 Slim, a PS3 price drop and now the Gran Turismo series is really, seriously, finally incorporating visible car damage. On the official Gran Turismo 5 site, the latest spec sheet for the game touts that its physics model "completely renders deformation from crash." Not scratches, not scuffs, but deformation. (Backing up what we saw in the E3 trailer for the game.)

The site also reveals that, in what seems to be an attempt to make up for the absence of spectacular crashes, cars will flip and even land upside-down in reaction to collisions. Of course, all of this will be for naught if a simple bump -- the kind that, in GT5 Prologue, pushes cars aside like they're made of balsa wood -- instantly totals other autos and sends them flying to the moon. We don't think we can wait until GT7 for that to be fixed.

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