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PS3 price cuts appear in print, must be real (update: 'new exciting Playstation 3')


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As the story goes, a Kotaku reader just received these PS3 posters (now posted after the break) into the FYE shop where he works. You'll notice that the "new low price" is augmented with a "while supplies last" disclaimer indicating what could be a close-out on the 80GB (soon $300, reduced from $400) and 160GB ($400, reduced from $500) PlayStation 3 models. More evidence, perhaps, that a PS3 Slim announcement is imminent -- even as soon as today's Sony presser at the Cologne Gamescom Expo that kicks off at 12 noon ET or 1800 for those of you on Central Europe time.

Update: Kmart is now in on the action with a front-page ad (pictured above) that says the "rumors are reality" and then promises linked details about "new low price and a new exciting Playstation 3." Unfortunately, the link isn't populated with the new prices or the new model yet but we'll keep digging.

[Thanks, Jeremy23j and Daniel]

Read -- FYE poster
Read -- Kmart ad
Read -- Kmart home page (wait for ad to cycle)

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