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Rumor: Apple event September 9th, tablet not included


The rumor mill is churning yet again -- the latest Apple rumor is that an event is coming on September 9th. Multiple sources are saying that they've heard Apple will host an event in San Francisco to talk about music, including upgrades for the iPod and iTunes. This is hardly a surprise -- Apple usually holds an event this time of year to pump up back-to-school sales of expected iPod refreshes. So while of course it's a rumor until we hear it from Cupertino, it's pretty believable that sometime around September we'll be hearing about new iPods of some kind.

It's also pretty believable that this event won't be about the rumored iTablet. While mockups, leaks, and fake shots (oh my) seem to be appearing more and more often lately, the same folks that are saying September 9th are also saying that Apple isn't planning to tell us anything about a tablet quite yet. That doesn't mean that it's not coming, of course (eventually -- keep hope alive!), but definitely don't hold your breath for a September announcement or a holiday release. Looks like we'll find out whether those iPod camera rumors are true soon, but we'll probably have to keep waiting for the tablet.

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