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The Saboteur visits brothels, explodes Nazis, has an accent


Nothing says, "I'm Irish ... really!" like Flogging Molly. And that's exactly the music that EA's Pandemic Studios chose for the new gameplay trailer of The Saboteur you see above. Sure, we enjoyed the game when we checked it out at E3 2009, even though it still looked a bit undercooked at the time.

And yes, sneaking around WWII-era Paris as a rogue Irishman with a penchant for chaos does sound good to us. But if this music is any indication of the game's attitude, we're feeling a bit wary about it. There's only so much cliché one can take, folks.

Update: EA would like us to point out that the trailer above is "made for Germany" and thus" had to be softened for their guidelines." We're pretty sure that means more blood and actual Nazis when the game ships Stateside. Er, um, not in Germany at least.

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