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Ubisoft officially reveals 'Just Dance,' for people who don't mind looking like this


Originally discovered in a trademark, Ubisoft has announced Just Dance, a Wii game developed by Ubisoft Paris. While we had some interest in the title due to the possibility of it being Q? Entertainment's rhythm game project, the announcement shows that it ... isn't.

Just Dance invites players to learn and mimic "real dance moves set to classic and modern songs across all genres they know and love," as CEO Yves Guillemot put it. Among the 30 licensed tracks: dance classics like "Groove Is In The Heart," "Pump Up the Jam," and "U Can't Touch This."

But ... how do you do the MC Hammer dance in this game? Do you attach the Wiimote to your leg? Does it come with special parachute pants with a pocket for the controller?

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