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WoW Moviewatch: Leeroy 7 - The Hunter's Mark


Warning: There are spoilers for the movie in this review.

It's only a few short days until BlizzCon, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than a new release from Herculean Productions. Those fun loving folks have released Episode 7 of The Chronicles of Leeroy. This episode is specifically titled The Hunter's Mark.

Our noble Horde adventurers continue to get farmed by the evil Alliance rogue from last episode. Just when we think Leeroy and company will never reclaim their bodies, a heroic hunter arrives to save the day. The real punchline for that moment is, of course, the soundtrack. And I assure you -- I've not laughed so hard for some time. (Maybe it's the old fogey in me.) The new mage also makes an appearance, which gets me curious about where her subplot is going to go.

I continue to really love the Leeroy series. I can't express how much I love being reminded of the fun and community we should all share, and Herculean Productions does an outstanding job of doing just that.

Click here to check it out yourself.

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