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Fable 3 will question the foundations on which Fable is built, says Molyneux


Hot off the announcement this morning of Fable 3 coming to Xbox 360 in 2010, Microsoft Game Studios of Europe head Peter Molyneux sat down to discuss the franchise a bit with Though the acutely over-promising developer kept tight-lipped about details on the upcoming sequel, he did let slip that Fable 3 will question "some of the foundations that Fable [the franchise] is built on."

We're not sure exactly what that means, but we already know that the gesture system has been given a major facelift. The moral choice aims to be a lot deeper than in Fable 2 as well, with Molyneux saying promises you make in your rise to power will affect your position as the people's ruler. We'll be sure to remember these promises when the game releases next year (that's three promises so far, Molyneux!).

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