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Final Fantasy XIV gameplay and emote footage

Kyle Horner

Holy giant roosters, Final Fantasy XIV gameplay footage has already made its way online courtesy of Gamescom and Gamevideos! Plus, the footage shows off some -- mildly standard -- combat sequences as well. To be fair, we're sure this video would be a lot more exciting if we understood German. As it stands now, we're going by the tone of the presenter's voice, which sounds slightly enthused but generally falls flat in the convincing department.

While Mr. Presenter won't be winning any awards, the visuals for the game certainly seem to be worth of a gold statuette of some kind -- possibly something on a fine oak stand with a silver plaque. Oh who are we kidding, the visuals look flat out amazing. This is Square Enix and the Final Fantasy series we're talking about, after all.

Check out both mentioned combat video and a nifty animation video after the break.

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