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Final Fantasy XIV makes its gameplay debut at GamesCom

If you, like us, have been curious about the differences between Square's first MMO, Final Fantasy XI, and Square's upcoming MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, then a gameplay demonstration from GamesCom 2009 will likely provide an answer: One of the games has a "V" on the end of its title, while the other doesn't.

Okay, okay, there's a bit more to it than that. In the gameplay demo -- which was captured by GameVideos and posted after the jump -- we can see the biggest difference right away: The game's combat system has seen a major overhaul. Gone is the weird drop-down menu system, which looks to have been replaced by a much more streamlined hotbar, as seen in the whack-the-obese-chicken footage. Also, FFXIV looks absolutely stunning. That's not much a shocker, though, considering Squeenix's pedigree -- a history that includes beautiful-looking games and an inability to count sequentially.

[Via Massively]

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