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Get squig caked on August 27th with the Ace of Cakes


You! What are you doing next Thursday? Playing games? Well stop doing that and go watch some TV! It will be a rewarding experience, I promise.

If you were in tune with our coverage of Games Workshop's Games Day 2009, then you probably remember us going nuts over a certain cake of a certain large red squig. The cake was produced by the illustrious Charm City Cakes, the company better known as the "Ace of Cakes" on Food Network.

Well it's time for the story behind the squig to come out as the Ace of Cakes episode, "Big Red Squig" will be airing next week on Thursday at 10 PM. You'll get to see just how they made that awesome cake and you'll get to travel with Chef Duff to Games Day and meet Paul Barnett. Warhammer Online, meet cake. Mmmmm... cake....

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