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BlizzCon 2009: The goody bag

Mike Schramm

BlizzCon 2009 is upon us, and Blizzard was kind enough to let those of us with press badges in a little early to grab the bags even before the public got in the convention center. I stood right in line behind none other than Tom Chilton, and they waved me on through ("You're Michael, right?" said the guy as he read my name off the printed badge) to pick up this year's goody bag.

One interesting thing of note: there is no program in the bags this year -- there's a flyer that will let us pick up a program at the show. Probably means that a) there is secret stuff that's going to be announced, and b) that Blizzard doesn't want us knowing about it ahead of time. Interesting.

You can see everything in the bags in the gallery below, and after the jump, we've even listed all of the items out. Not as much in the bag as there was last year, it seems, but there are some very nice exclusive items to be had. NOTE: It appears that there is no beta invites in the goody bag, unlike previous years.

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Here's the full list of everything:

  • Raynor noobz figurine. Surprisingly tall and well-made. About 7" high and made of molded plastic with gray and black painted on.
  • A flyer for the BlizzCon souvenir program (they likely didn't give us the program due to leaks of events and news last year)
  • A World of Warcraft magazine preview/art book, with flyer for subscribing at the show
  • Coupon to win a Rise of the Lich King epic stein from 3 Point Entertainment at their booth
  • Flyer for Razer along with a code for free shipping from their site
  • Flyer from Intel for a convention contest, along with ads and deals on their website
  • Steelseries flyer with a key attached: "Visit the Steelseries booth to unlock your treasure!"
  • "Blizzard is hiring" card with commemorative convention art
  • Flyer for Nvidia and
  • Algalon bookmark with BradyGames convention quest information
  • Flyer for J!nx
  • Two for one admission coupon to the Laguna Art Museum's WoW: Emergent Media Phenomenon exhibit
  • Special edition Starcraft BlizzCon 2009 Blizzard Authenticator
  • BlizzCon map, schedule, and tournament listings
  • Card with scratch-off code for Murloc Space Marine pet
  • Official BlizzCon 2009 hand sanitizer
Overall, not quite as much swag as last year (there's no Diablo Sin-a-mints, unfortunately), but that Raynor figure is awesome. There's nothing from FigurePrints, Swagdog or Fantasy Flight, and they've all contributed to the bag in years past. Maybe we'll see more loot on the floor this year, but with the Raynor figure, the authenticator, and the ingame pet, there's some very nice exclusive items this time around.

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