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Kojima's next could be something 'you always wanted to have'


Mr. Hideo Kojima, you've been hanging out with too many countdown websites. Speaking to IGN at GamesCom, the Metal Gear Solid maestro had little to say about his numerous unannounced projects, but managed to impart just the right amount of ambiguity to leave us checking our watches for the impending announcement of ... well, what is it, exactly?

"The one that I said that I've been wanting to make – this is a new franchise and a new title," he said, confirming at least one fresh property under development alongside Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid: Rising. "For the other couple of titles, it could be something that you always wanted to have. It could be, or it could be something else. It's a matter of the timing of when we can get it out."

Is it a new Snatcher? Zone of the Enders 3? Lunar Knights 2? That does it! Something that we've always wanted to have is ... the ability to read this man's mind. What do you think is tumbling around in there?

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