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McIntosh sneaks MVP881BR universal BD player into its lineup

Steven Kim

You didn't really think that McIntosh would let its sister company, Denon, court all the well-heeled Blu-ray shoppers, did you? The company that has long stuck by blue lighting has added the MVP881BR universal Blu-ray player (Blu-ray, SACD, DVD-A, DVD and CD) to its lineup; a perfect match for the company's Blu-ray ready MX150AV controller. As you'd expect from McIntosh, the specs are top-notch without being tech-laden, with Profile 2.0, onboard lossless decoding, analog outputs and 32-bit DACs making the cut. No word on bitstreaming support, but we'd be shocked if the McIntosh unit went missing a checkmark that the Denon flagship deck hits -- in fact, given the engineering that was poured into the Denon, we'd be surprised if the McIntosh wasn't a variation (including chiclet buttons) on the DVD-A1UDCI. No pricing info, but if you make it past the McIntosh velvet rope, money's not a problem.

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