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New Mass Effect Achievements hint at DLC (finally)


It's been quite some time since we've heard about new downloadable content for the original Mass Effect. In fact, the last time we heard about it was when BioWare teased fans that they might hear about DLC soon. That was back in June, and BioWare has said bupkis on the subject since. Thankfully, it looks like the company doesn't have to, as the original Mass Effect has been stealthily updated with new Achievements on

There are three Achievements, each worth 50 points, bringing the game's total to 1200. The Achievements give us a few details about the DLC's contents. According to the descriptions, Commander Shepard should take part in "Ahern's survival mission" as well as several "combat scenarios on Pinnacle Station." Sounds like we're getting that fight club after all.

We've contacted BioWare in hopes the company might finally drop some details. We'll update this post with any new info.

[Via X360A. Thanks, Jp!]

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