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Phat Loot Phursday: Onyxia Scale Cloak

Mike Schramm

Special edition of Phat Loot Phriday this week, on a Phursday! Why? Because tomorrow is gonna be full of fun in the California sun.

We did Quel'serrar a while back, so with Onyxia headed back to the game, we'll look at the other piece of gear that involved the black dragon we love to hate.

Name: Onxyia Scale Cloak (Wowhead, Thottbot, WoWDB)
Type: Cloak
Armor: 43

  • +7 Stamina, +16 Fire resistance. Ah, the days of level 60, they seem so far gone now. Compare this to a prime tanking cloak nowadays, and take a look at just how far we've come.
  • On equip, protects the wearer from being fully engulfed by something called Shadow Flame. What is Shadow Flame, you ask? Here's where this item really gets interesting: sit back and enjoy a tale of old level 60 raiding.
  • Shadow Flame is actually an ability used by Nefarian, Onyxia's brother, and a few other bosses in Blackwing Lair. He casts a huge unblockable AoE during his fight -- unblockable, that is, unless you're wearing one of these cloaks (although since then, Ice Block and Divine Shield will both stop it).

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  • But to get a cloak (see below) you'd have to beat Onyxia, so this item was basically meant to send guilds back to the big dragon even while they were working through BWL. Interesting little mechanic, though you always used to hear guilds say they were trying to "get more cloaks" so they could go after Nef.
  • This item doesn't seem to be returning in the anniversary patch, unfortunately. We get a new Vendorstrike, but no Onyxia Scale Cloak?
How to Get It: It's actually a leatherworking item that requires a high-level tailoring item to make (so your guild would usually have a high-level leatherworker assigned to put cloaks together for them, as well as a tailor to make the Cindercloth Cloaks required). Along with a few vendor items, it also requires an Scale of Onyxia, which dropped at 100% rate can be skinned once every Onyxia kill (a combination of BlizzCon and age has addled my mind -- of course the scale is skinned off of the dragon. See comments below for more). So basically, if you wanted to outfit your 40-man (yes, 40) raid with a cloak each, you'd have to down Ony 40 times to make everyone a cloak.

And to get the pattern in the first place, you have to down Onyxia, take the head to a faction leader, and then they'll send you to a quest giver that will teach you the recipe for the cloak. Feeling nostalgic yet, old-school raiders?

Keep in mind that if you are 70, you won't see the exclamation point to find this quest. You'll have to turn on low-level quest tracking if you want to see it. And you'll probably have to do it before patch 3.2.2, since the old Onyxia is likely going bye-bye.

Getting Rid of It: You never know when Nefarian might return -- maybe for the 10th anniversary? But in case you're not worried about that, you can trade the cloak in for 1g 51s 98c, disenchant it into a Large Brilliant Shard, or sell it on the AH, as it is BoE.

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