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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Canon PowerShot G11 hands-on
The real standout, of course, is that flip-out LCD -- which feels bolted on by the gods.
(See also: Canon's PowerShot lineup hands-on: the best of the rest)
Canon EOS 7D image appears online, might be in Best Buy systems
Canon might have announced a slew of new compacts today, but we're thinking the most exciting news might be this image of the legendary EOS 7D.

Nokia's Maemo 5 RX-51 / N900 tablet gets exhaustively previewed
We'd love to tell you all about how impressed we are with what we're seeing of Maemo 5 and how disappointed we are in the Rover's resistive touchscreen.
Other news of import
DirecTV, Cisco and Samsung have whole house DVR plans with RVU alliance
One of our dreams is to have a true whole home DVR that allows us to watch any show we want, on any TV we want; but so far the perfect solution has alluded us.
Samsung InstinctQ for Sprint pictured: imagine a G1, but better
Going off mere clues, hypotheses and shreds of evidence, we've been trying to wrap our brains around the InstinctQ for a while now -- and finally we've got a picture that firms everything up.

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