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38 Studios plays CEO hot potato

Kyle Horner

Brett Close has left the building, folks. The former 38 Studios CEO has recently resigned, being replaced by Jennifer MacLean, who until now had been senior vice president of business development. "I've had the privilege of building 38 Studios to become an established force of IP creation and entertainment," said Mr. Close, "I leave with confidence in the future success of the company and have no doubt its products will excite gamers worldwide." Of course, he's talking about Copernicus, which we're still in the dark on since the developer hasn't been keen to reveal it to the public.

Most noted for its founder and former MLB right-handed pitcher Curt Schilling, 38 Studios has been somewhat quiet for a while now. We're hopeful that their upcoming title encounters smooth sailing, but this industry certainly has its ways of tossing out a typhoon or two. If you're looking for some official word on the matter, then look no further,

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