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BlizzCon 2009: meet-up, The Aftermath

Michael Sacco

What a night! Last night, the Anabella Hotel in Anaheim, CA played host to the BlizzCon Meetup, and readers turned out for the festivities. And festivities there certainly were!

Master of ceremonies Mike Schramm ran some great giveaways with gear from Creative and other WoW-themed items, Daniel Whitcomb drank too much and confessed his undying love for me, 1400 readers joined in on our live Ustream show ... and then the cast of The Guild showed up and the place exploded. Not literally, but metaphorically.

Oh, and over 1200 of you showed up at the meetup throughout the entire evening. There was that too. (And the crew out there were beyond thrilled to see so many of you.)

Felicia Day (pictured above with our very own Zach Yonzon) and pals seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit as they hung out with fans and fellow gamers, posing for photos and poundin' brews with the crew. Thanks to everyone who came out, and I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves despite my conspicuous absence.

A special, 25-man-sized thank you to our own Mike Gray for working tirelessly in the weeks leading up to BlizzCon to make this meetup happen.

Check out our shots of the meetup in our gallery below!

Gallery: BlizzCon 2009: Reader Meet-up | 31 Photos

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