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FCC investigation of Apple, AT&T and Google revs up today

Mel Martin

Today is the day for Apple, AT&T and Google to submit their answers to questions the FCC posed about the banning of Google Voice on the iPhone.

Google may be in for some tough questions too. USA Today is reporting Google will have to answer questions about why Skype is crippled on the Android Phone. While Apple and AT&T allow Skype to work over a Wi-Fi network, the version running on Android phones doesn't allow Wi-Fi access at all, but routes the calls over the regular voice network, burning up cellular minutes.

AT&T has famously stated it does not have any say about what is in the App Store, but will have to explain why the company changed the iPhone Terms of Service before the Slingbox Mobile app was released, then admitted to requesting that it be blocked from the App Store as long as it allowed TV streaming over 3G.

It isn't clear whether or not the responses to the FCC will become public for our reading enjoyment. The FCC allows the responses to be private for 'competitive' reasons, and it's a good guess that we won't know exactly what was said, although if the FCC takes action against any of the companies then the reasons will be public.

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