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Huawei starting its Android march with T-Mobile 'Pulse' in Europe?

Chris Ziegler

Huawei's been talking up its impending play for a share of the Android pie for most of this year, but where's the beef? There's nothing in the market just yet, but that might be about to change with details on a so-called "Pulse" for some of T-Mobile's European networks in the coming months. The Chinese manufacturer specializes in the value segment -- a side effect of its brand not really commanding any premium outside Asia -- and the Pulse could be a big winner there thanks to an unlocked price said to be around €250 ($356). That's an impressively low figure in light of the supposed 3.5-inch display, full HSPA, GPS (of course), WiFi, and an HVGA display like all proper Android sets of the moment. Dutch site says this is all confirmed by way of a retailer that pegs the device for T-Mobile Netherlands in early October, which means the Heros and Galaxys of the world have precious little time to capitalize before these guys swoop in and undercut 'em all by a few bucks.

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