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Apple's Address Book app getting social in 10.6?

John Burke

We're all still waiting to see if the rumors of an earlier-than-expected release of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard are going to come true. There's been no shortage of news regarding Snow Leopard going to golden master, but 9to5Mac has received a tip that the build everyone has expected to be final (10A432) might actually not be. Some shots of built 10A435 have surfaced and while there's not much information to go by, the new build features an updated Address Book app.

A screenshot from the new build has been floating around featuring an updated version of the Address Book application with one big addition. A "social networking" menu is added showing both Twitter and Facebook icons. This could mean that Apple will allow you to keep (and possibly edit) your contacts pulled from social networks.

There's no word yet if the screenshot is credible or not, but it does look pretty convincing and would make sense given recent news that Apple is likely to incorporate social media into other applications such as iTunes.

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