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BlizzCon 2009: Path of the Titans explained

Eliah Hecht

For my money, one of the most interesting Cataclysm features they've alluded to is Path of the Titans, another character advancement system at max level. Before the Systems panel today, we didn't have a lot of solid information on it. There are still questions to be answered, but here's how it appears to work so far:

  • At maximum level, you choose to align yourself with a given Titan cult - i.e., you choose a specific path.
  • The paths are not class- or role-specific. Players will have to figure out for themselves what path they want to take.
  • Turning in artifacts found with Archeology (the new secondary profession) will cause you to progress along your chosen path.
  • The main rewards are Ancient Glyphs (not part of the Inscription profession). At each rank in your Path you have two to three choices of Glyphs.
  • Some examples of Ancient Glyphs are:
    • Bleed reduction
    • Bandage improvement
    • Increased damage following a crit
  • More Glyphs will probably come after launch.
  • Everyone is going to eventually be able to get all the glyphs for their path, and it will not be grindy (i.e. not like Sons of Hodir).

I'm looking forward to learning more about this as Cataclysm comes towards beta and release. I'm especially excited that they're focusing on making it not feel grindy, because that's a definite risk for a system like this.

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