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Enhanced Gmail Plug-in for BlackBerrys arrives, but only syncs one way


Lackluster Gmail support has been a real pain point for BlackBerry users, and we've really been hoping that this new "Enhanced Gmail Plug-in" would solve all that. It's out as of today, and we've certainly gotten some improvements, like support for archiving messages, marking spam and managing labels / stars. Unfortunately, these new management features are only live synced one way, from the phone to the Gmail server, so many of the actions that take place desktop side won't be reflected on the phone once that particular message has been picked up by the BlackBerry Internet Service. There's also the small problem of installing the thing: we haven't been successful so far on two different BlackBerries, and you have to make sure to uninstall the existing Gmail Plug-in. Meanwhile, in BlackBerry Enterprise Server land, the Google Apps Connector has now gone live, which means Google Apps users get push Gmail and what seems to be much tighter Exchange-style syncing. Let us know if you get either of these things working with your particular setup.

[Via Boy Genius Report]

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