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Overheard@GamesCom: Kicking babies is bad


The protagonist in Activision's Singularity has the ability to age and, um, youth-enize people and objects, which led to a burning question on the minds of a few people during a presentation of the title during GamesCom. See, when you age enemies, they'll turn to dust. However, when un-aging them, they'll turn into "Reverts," creatures in an unnatural state that can assist or attack the player. It only seemed reasonable to those in the room: Why wouldn't they be turned into babies?

An Activision rep explained, "If we start turning them into babies, and kicking babies, we're going to run into ratings issues." Oh, come on! There's the ... and the ... okay, we can't really argue with that. It's also worth mentioning that Singularity's violence is edited on the show floor -- something about German censorship issues.

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