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Castle Crashers Necromantic DLC coming tomorrow for 160 MS Points

Wow. When Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth teased last week that its upcoming Necromantic DLC pack was coming "SOON," they weren't kidding. According to a countdown clock recently added to the game's official blog, it's due to drop tomorrow, bringing the long overdue chainsaw, two new characters and one new animal orb to the multi-man beat-'em-up.

The company has wisely placed the price of the expansion at 160 -- so before you download that new The Devil Wears Prada track on Rock Band 2, we want you to stop, and reconsider your priorities. Music from a hardcore band named after a Meryl Streep movie? Or chainsaws? (This decision is also a litmus test for whether we can still be friends with you. Choose wisely.)

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