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China Mobile announces HTC 'Qilin' as Dopod T8388

Chris Ziegler

China Mobile has a vested interest in making sure TD-SCDMA succeeds seeing how it's the only of China's big three carriers to be rolling it out -- and it's not exactly sharing the technology with carriers around the globe -- but money talks, and a portion of the 47 million yuan in subsidies being doled out to advance the standard have gone to making sure this little gem sees the light of day. What you're looking at here is the Dopod T8388 from HTC, a customized version of the still-unannounced Whitestone that appears to take some pages out of the Touch Diamond2's book with WVGA, 5 megapixels of shooting power, WinMo 6.5, and features 3G fashioned just for China Mobile's airwaves. Look for it in the fourth quarter -- question is, will it beat Verizon's version to market?

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