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Fiesta Online fires up a new server

When it comes to growth in the F2P world, Outspark's largest game Fiesta seems to be doing quite well. They recently opened up a new server, Cypion, in June to make sure they had enough room for their steadily growing playerbase. Now we get word that they've just opened up another new server, Legel, to make room for even more players.

Not to leave it at just that, Outspark have decided to throw a party in honor of the new Fiesta server. From now until September 15th, the first 500 players to hit level 50 will get a unique Coin of Teva for the event. This coin can be redeemed for a "permanent, unique, new exclusive in-game item called the Coat-of-Arms." Now why they don't skip the Coin bit and just give the first 500 level 50 players the Coat, well - your guess is as good as ours. At least on a new server you've got lots of leg room to run and other new people to level up with, even if you don't zoom to 50.

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