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Sony spends £82 million in new European marketing campaign


£82 million. €94 million. $135 million. Any way you put it, that's a large amount of money. The new ad campaign, which focuses on the redesigned, slim PS3 and new PSN services, is the first major campaign from SCEE since the highly criticized "This is Living" campaign from the system's launch over two years ago.

The first of the "Start" series of ads focuses solely on entertainment services offered on PS3, like VidZone and the included Blu-ray player. However, future ads will also talk about the bread and butter of the system: games. But before Sony continues with the campaign, we'd recommend the company fix its Google search recommendation. Right now, the ad ends telling viewers to search "PS3 Start." Unfortunately, this pops up as one of the first results for that search term. Ouch.

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