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Ubisoft wants to know why you kill people


Ubisoft's new community site for Assassin's Creed II fans is asking members to submit YouTube videos explaining their own personal "Assassin's Creeds." "Write your own version of 'The Assassin's Creed,'" the website entreats fans. "Tell us what it means to be an Assassin, what you stand for, and why you have chosen this path. Create a 1-2 minute video reciting your Creed." Isn't that basically asking people to explain why they are, you know, assassins?

We weren't aware that Ubisoft's stealth action series was so popular among the real-life killer-for-hire community ... or even that there was such a "community," but Ubisoft's marketing is catering directly to that audience. Unless there's some new definition of "assassin" in use these days that we aren't aware of. Is "assassin" just a way of describing a really cool guy who believes in himself?

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