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Command & Conquer 4 subtitled 'Tiberian Twilight'

Justin McElroy

Here at Joystiq, we endeavor to have something for everyone.

For example, we thought you real-time strategy fans would be interested to hear that the fourth installment of Command and Conquer had been subtitled "Tiberian Twilight," presumably because it supposedly brings the Tiberium story arc to a close. EA says more than 15,000 fans voted to select the name.

For you non-strategy fans, we've provided the following zingers on the subtitle.

  • "Tiberium Twilight? That series should have been put to bed years ago."
  • "Tiberium Twilight? Is that because it'll put us right to sleep?"
  • "Tiberium Twilight? As if it wasn't bad enough, now they're adding vampires that sparkle in the sunlight?"
  • "Tiberium Twilight? Wouldn't 'The Newest Command and Conquer Until Around Six Months From Now When We Release Another' have been more accurate?"
For you who can't be troubled to feel one way or the other, we put a video of a kid getting hit by a giant slingshot after the break. Don't ever let it be said we're not inclusive.

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