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Mystery Android MID found out to be Rockchip-built concept, caught on video


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We've been playing hide and seek with this peskily mysterious Android MID for a few weeks now, and it looks like at last some light has been shed on the situation. The device is actually just a concept built by Rockchip to display its new RK2808 chipset, which is capable of decoding 720p and apparently squeezing into incredibly attractive, Apple-aping form factors. There's some action video which reveals that the hardware perhaps isn't so capable of pumping a smooth web browsing experience to its 5-inch screen, but sometimes you can forgive a bit of clunky when faced with this much sexy. No word on plans to put the RK2808 into a real product, but it sure seems off to a nice, buzz-filled start. Video is after the jump, but you'd better be prepared to rock out.

[Via pocketables]

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