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STO space and ground combat at Gamescom

Kyle Horner

Gamespot got some hands-on time with Star Trek Online during Gamescom and came away from the experience thoroughly impressed by what Cryptic has been able to do with the license. We're glad to hear it, especially since PAX is coming up soon and we're expecting to get a little face time with the game ourselves.

Basically, it looks like Star Trek Online's space combat is exactly what you'd expect, in a good way. There's rerouting of power from one system to another and the ever-important maneuvering of your ship for optimal shield and weapons usage. Plus, they seemed to be quite impressed with the graphics. Oh, space vistas we cannot wait to see you through Star Trek goggles.

Mission structure and ground combat were also touched upon. It seems like away teams will only be able to carry two weapon types into battle, although we're not sure if that scales with game progression or not. Interestingly, Cryptic mentioned that special weapons would eventually become available depending on your faction and "type of character" you play. We can't wait to find out more for ourselves in just a little over a week's time.

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