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Ten things to know when starting Champions Online

Kyle Horner

Every time a new MMO launches, there's always a good list of things that wouldn't hurt for a new player to know, and Champions Online is no different. We're all about making your first steps into an unknown game as grief free as possible, so check out Syp's list if you're interested in such a proposal. He's got a very good rundown on things you need to know when entering the tutorial zone.

The first tip is likely the biggest one to remember. Your stats really do matter in Champions Online, so for all you City of Heroes players looking to check it out, keep that in mind. The second one we recommend all people take notice of is the "Get a Defensive Power" tip, which really is a must for the game, even if you're not planning on soloing too much -- but supremely important if you're gonna go that route.

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