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Tradewest Games hints at upcoming IP lineup reveal


Martin Spiess has been busy the past few months, between raising €1 to buy Midway UK and France and resurrecting the long gone Tradewest Games moniker. The ex-Midway exec's acquisition of the two company branches went light on the details in the SEC filing, leaving us with a handful of questions for the recently re-branded company.

We contacted Tradewest to find out exactly what the acquisition means for the future of the company, in terms of assets gained. "We`ve got a portfolio of [our] own IPs and will announce highlights from our line-up over the next weeks," a representative told Joystiq. And what does it mean when the filing says Mr. Spiess has acquired the UK and France offices, specifically? "This includes all of the companies assets ... that also means that Tradewest has direct access to two of Europe´s biggest markets for games products." Unfortunately, the rep couldn't tell us much more at the moment.

And yes, we're still keeping our fingers crossed for Battletoads.

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