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XA-LM1 LessonMaster audio recorder throws a guitar tuner, microSD card reader into the mix


Voice recorders always seem like no-brainer gifts for musicians, but sound quality (in all but the pricier units) is generally pretty lacking, and lets be honest here -- rarely do you find yourself humming a tune that doesn't turn out to be something you heard on a TV commercial. But what do we know -- maybe you're the next Don Fagan, and you need a high quality recorder at hand whenever and wherever inspiration may strike. JVC Japan has given this some thought, it seems, and they've gone and packed the XA-LM1 LessonMaster stereo mics, a digital audio recorder supporting either PCM wave files (48kHz/16bit) or MP3s (up to 192KB), 2GB microSD card, 23mm speaker, metronome, and a chromatic tuner. Unless you can read Japanese the tuner might be of limited use to you, but then again this could be a good excuse to learn. Look for it in early October for around ¥26,250 (€195).

[Via Engadget Japanese]

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