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Black Prophecy Q&A explains weapon systems and combat

James Egan

Black Prophecy is one of the ship-based science fiction MMOs we see on the horizon, but at the same time we're not sure how long it will be before we can play it. As the game's developer, Reakktor Media, seeks a publisher, they've been dropping details about Black Prophecy here and there. Some of the info we've read comes from their "Behind the Scenes" series of in-house Q&As. The latest is with Black Prophecy's Creative Director Timo Krahl and Art Director Nick Ebenhoch.

The Q&A covers a fairly wide range of topics, from the various space station interiors players will see depending on which station feature they're using at the time, to death penalties. While there will be no permadeath in Black Prophecy, the ships players fly will take damage in a modular system. Timo says, "A ship gets 'disassembled' slowly during a fight, single ship parts can be destroyed and alter the overall values of the ship -- a ship with only one engine will become slower -- if you lose a wing the attached weapons won't be available anymore."

They also drop a few hints about the weapons systems that pilots will use in Black Prophecy, and how they affect the shields and hull of other ships.

Timo says, "Generally we differentiate between projectile, energy and explosive weapon types. Explosive damage has a certain range; projectiles partially penetrate the ship's shields and thus deal hull damage, but don't damage the shield. Energy weapons diminish the shields and also deal hull damage once the shield is completely down. In addition we have weapons that just deal shield damage, short distance weapons and long distance weapons like a sniper cannon."

Nick adds a bit about the various weapon effects, saying they "don't just have a color and other structures but emit most diverse particles that let an effect look like plasma or create [a] small train of 'sonic rings' on ballistic weapons. Weapons differentiate from each other by their projectiles, muzzle flashes and the impact effect [...] always something new to discover."

Have a look at the third installment of "Behind the Scenes" over on the title's official site for more info about the game design of Black Prophecy.

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