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HTC Touch Pro2 looking good for September 8 launch on Sprint

Chris Ziegler

Aiming a cameraphone at a computer monitor conveniently displaying names, dates, and prices of upcoming products always seems to end in sweet, sweet leakage, doesn't it? New shots over at SprintUsers are showing some low-end noise in the mix like an orange Rumor 2 and a pair of Sammies apparently too lowly to get actual names, but the real news has to be that the long-awaited Touch Pro2 (Sprint should know better than to question HTC's wisdom in nixing the space between "Pro" and "2" here) looks finalized for a September 8 launch. We wouldn't freak out at the $599.99 retail price, necessarily -- bear in mind that's a totally unsubsidized, rebate-free price that few customers will actually be paying.

Interestingly, the screencap is accompanied by a PDF identified as an internal "Quick Reference Brief" for the Touch Pro2; part of the doc includes a comparison chart that pits the phone against AT&T's LG Monaco and HTC Warhawk along with Verizon's Omnia II, all phones that have yet to be released. Wondering where they'd get the lowdown on unannounced competitive hardware? Us, it turns out -- zoom in on the chart for a good look at a super low-res Engadget logo watermarked across the Warhawk. You're most welcome, Sprint -- buy us a drink sometime and we're square.


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