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Killjoy: Guy goes to NYC public library to play Halo 3, gets busted


Nothing to us seems more right than sitting down in a comfy chair, in front of an HD monitor, and getting some Halo 3 on. And that's exactly what the fine gentleman above did at a New York public library recently, borrowing the free Wi-Fi for a little Xbox Live.

According to Flickr user 'dynatrite' who snapped this picture with his iPhone, the whole schebang took "20 minutes to set up" and "2 minutes to get [him] kicked out." We're not exactly shocked, considering the reported items include "a monitor, Xbox [360], Wi-Fi router, external HD, earphones with mouthpiece, and a controller" -- that last, crucial piece being hidden below a copy of the New York Post. We can't help but wonder if somewhere in that library, if you listened carefully enough, a faint "Killjoy!" could be heard when he was caught. Maybe, just maybe.

[Via G4TV]

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