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Ubisoft announces Jam Sessions 2: Jam Harder


Okay, so we made up the title, but the news is true: Ubisoft has announced Jam Sessions 2, a sequel to its musical DS title from 2007. Ubisoft promises the Plato-developed sequel will add more to the first game's formula when it releases this fall, along with a slew of new bands, including REM, Heart, The Ramones, The Clash, Doobie Brothers, Plain White-T's, The Black Crowes and The Pixies.

According to the game's official site, some of the DSi's sound distortion capabilities will come into play and "enhance sound effects while playing." The sequel's included song creation utilities sound most interesting, allowing users to share their creations, made with the game's multi-track recording software, with each other. Just remember, kids: Friends don't let friends share remixes of Europe's "Final Countdown." We can ill afford further acoustic tragedies.

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