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Ask Engadget HD: Best way to feed HD to two TVs?


Multiroom video setups are hardly an easy task, but what if you just want to pipe the A/V in whole from one spot to another? That's the conundrum facing our friend Ed, we'll let him break down the situation first.

"I have a question that I think has several answers, but I would like to know the best solution. I have a DirecTV HD-DVR - HR20-700 hooked up to my TV via HDMI and optical audio to my receiver. I have my receiver's sound also hooked up to outside speakers by the pool so I can listen to XM or any other program from DirecTV or radio. I would like to add the video outside as well. I already have an RG6 coax cable outside, and I have an open CAT-5 connection near the back door, but not outside where the TV would go. Both cable runs are approximately 100' or less. My question is, what is the best way to get the video from the HR20 outside? "

There's a bevy of splitters, extenders, slingers and media box solutions that could help our friend out, but it's hard to say what would be best for this situation. We're still waiting for the SlingMonitor to make a retail experience and give us the WiFi TV wherever we've always wanted, but how would you do it?

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