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Batman: Arkham Asylum receives uninspiring Guinness World Record


Okay, we like Batman: Arkham Asylum and all, but our goodwill has limits -- and they stop right at the acceptance of a Guinness World Record for "Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever," which was announced today. It's a nice achievement for the game (and especially notable for a Batman game, given their history), but that's not a Guinness World Record. That's a marketing blurb. In fact, we're awarding it the Award for Most Transparent Marketing Effort of the Day Presented by Windex™. Now, when Batman: Arkham Asylum lifts more than 160 pounds of weight with its ear, that's a Guinness World Record.

Who decides what a superhero game is anyway? Plenty of people don't consider Batman a superhero, given that he has no superhuman abilities beyond super-wealth.

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