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Cryptic: MS holding back Xbox 360 Champions Online


Do we sense a trend in the world of Xbox 360 MMOs? Speaking to VG247, Cryptic CCO Jack Emmert made it known that Microsoft is seemingly the only thing standing between Champions Online and the Xbox 360. Said Emmert, "It just takes time for the big beast known as Microsoft to get moving," adding that he had no better explanation for the hold up and "it's as baffling to developers as it is to everyone else."

Concerning when the title might actually hit the console, Emmert said, "This year? I don't know," and noted that "the ball is firmly in [Microsoft's] court" and that Cryptic is "ready to go." Apart from a Final Fantasy XI port, the Xbox 360 has yet to see a single MMO land in its disc drive. With Final Fantsy XIV apparently held up in red tape as well, and Age of Conan still a complete mystery, we're beginning to wonder if it ever will.

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