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Japan's DSi Shop adds shmups, instrument tuning next month


Aa Mujou Setsuna is something DSiWare has yet to see: a vertical shooter! The downloadable shmup, releasing in Japan on September 2, is listed as a Nintendo/Arika collaboration. Arika is responsible for various home ports of Cave shooters, including the DS Ketsui Death Label. Aa Mujou Setsuna has two selectable ships, a chain-based scoring system and even online rankings, for just 500 DSi Points. Somehow we doubt this is the news Nintendo Power teased, but it certainly makes us happy. Check out some footage after the break.

Less hardcore, but still kind of cool, are the two 200-point apps also releasing on September 2. Nintendo DSi Metronome is, well, a metronome, that allows users to input their own beats and tempo to play along with, and even record their own drum sounds. It has multiple "skins" including a Game and Watch look, and Balloon Fight and Donkey Kong minigames; the latter of which involves clapping to make Mario jump over barrels. Hey, it's a Mario counterpart to Jungle Beat! Except really simplified.

Nintendo DSi Instrument Tuner also includes a Game and Watch skin. This useful program allows you to play an instrument into the DS mic and get information about its pitch.

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