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Mad Catz shows off realistic Fender Strat guitar controller


The latest Xbox 360 guitar controller from Mad Catz, first announced during E3, is like normal Rock Band instruments, except made of wood. In other words, it's like a real Fender guitar, except without strings. What a lonely middle ground the Mad Catz Wireless Wooden Stratocaster Replica for Rock Band occupies (along with the other wooden instrument controllers).

The video showing off the guitar (after the break) mentions that these controllers are made in the Fender factory, and they certainly look a lot like real Strats. Also very much like a real guitar's: the $300 price tag. The company also shot a video for the more sensible (plastic) Telecaster Player's Edition guitar for 360 and the pan-platform Overdrive Pedal peripheral, which can also be seen after the break.

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