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Nikon D300s spotted and tested at Best Buy with its little brother, still does that jelly video thing

Tim Stevens

If you were wondering when you'd be able to get your hands on the Nikon D300s and its 720p/24 movie mode, the answer is... yesterday, apparently. The cam was spotted (along with the lower-rent D3000) at a big box Best Buy, and a bit of testing was performed -- an admittedly limited bit, but there's only so much you can do when the cam is bolted to those annoying six-inch tethers. The updated video recording mode was the thing that underwent most scrutiny, and while the new auto-focus seemed to work reasonably well (if slowly -- and noisily) on stationary objects, swinging the camera back and forth resulted in the same jelly-time sloshing effect we've seen on the D5000 and D90 before it, as seen in the video embedded below. Maybe its time for that 12.3 megapixel CMOS to hit the gym and tone up a bit, Nikon.

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