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Rumor: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set to assault DS and DSi


Heroes in a half-shell news now, as we've got a pair of juicy tidbits dealing with the pint-sized martial arts masters. First, we present this OFLC certification which says that recently released downloadable Turtles in Time: Re-Shelled is set to grace the DSi. Sadly, we have nothing else to go on but that, though we must say the prospect of yelling "turtle power!" at our DSi on the subway is an appealing one.

Our second item is a little more interesting. GoNintendo points us toward the latest issue of Nintendo Power, which supposedly reveals TMNT: Arcade Attack, a new title for the DS that utilizes the Turtles in Time formula (see: arcade style beat-em-up). GoNintendo says the game "supports 2-player action, allows you to throw enemies at the screen, and even lets you jump-kick enemies...but in a way that doesn't let you spam the move to victory," though we haven't seen the issue ourselves yet to confirm. If you have it, well, send us a tip!

Source - Turtles in Time: Reshelled OFLC cert [Via Gamerbytes]
Source - TMNT: Arcade Attack in Nintendo Power

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